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Department of Transportation Opens FY-2015.1 SBIR - (2/06/15)
Major Change to NIH SBIR/STTR Dates (Retroactive to Dec 5, 2014) - (12/12/14)
DoD Issues SBIR 2015.1 and STTR 15.A Prerelease - (12/12/14)
DHS Issues FY-15.1 SBIR - (12/3/14)
Dept. of Education FY-2015 SBIR - (12/1/14)
NASA Opens FY-2015 SBIR/STTR - (11/16/14)
Department of Education Presolicitation Announcement - (11/16/14)
DOE Releases FY-2015 (R2) SBIR/STTR Topics - (11/01/14)
DOC/NOAA Opens FY-2015 SBIR - (9/15/14)
NSF Releases Fall 2014 SBIR and STTR Solicitations - (8/26/14)
NOAA SBIR Presolicitation Announcement - (9/20/14)
HHS/NIH/CDC PHS 2015-1 SBIR Contracts Solicitation - (8/15/14)
DOE Releases FY-2015 (R1) SBIR/STTR Topics - (7/14/14)
USDA Opens FY-2015 SBIR - (6/25/14)

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DOT Opens 15.1 SBIR (1/06/15) - The Department of Transportation's Volpe National Transportation System Center, (Volpe Center) has issued their 15.1 SBIR solicitation (DTRT57-15-R-SBIR1), which opens January 6, 2015 and closes March 9, 2015.

The DOT SBIR is a contracts based solicitation and like the DoD, who has many components under its umbrella (i.e., Army, Navy Air Force etc.), DOT also has many units under its umbrella but not as well known (i.e., FHWA, FMCSA, FTA etc.). Unlike the DoD, the DOT has a much smaller budget, but their solicitation is none the less important, and DOT utilizes their own proposal submission system which is quick and easy for the small business to utilize.

There are some changes for this year and DOT is offering a pre-proposal webinar scheduled for Thursday January 8, 2015 at 1:30 pm ET. Registration is mandatory at You can register up to noon on January 8.

Topics for this solicitation are:

FHWA (Federal Highway Administration)

  • 15.1-FH1: Driver Engagement/Status Monitoring Technologies for Vehicle Automation Applications
  • 15.1-FH2: Community College – Technical School Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Curricula
  • 15.1-FH3: Roadway Hazard Alert System for Motorcycles
  • 15.1-FH4: From Vehicle Performance to Transportation System Performance – System Impacts of Automated Vehicles

FRA (Federal Railroad Administration)

  • 15.1-FR1: Wireless Compatible Digital Train Line (WiDTL) for Passenger Type Vehicles in a Train Consist
  • 15.1-FR2: Active Personal Safety System for Train Yard and Road Crewworkers
  • 15.1-FR3: Next Generation Freight Truck for Autorack Cars
  • 15.1-FR4: Smart Phone Application for Onboard Railroad Passenger Information System
  • 15.1-FR5: Browser Based Application for Locomotive Inspection Data Collection
  • 15.1-FR6: Locomotive Flashing Light for Trespassers and Pedestrians Warning
  • 15.1-FR7: Long Range ROW Detection and Warning System
  • 15.1-FR8: Passive Rail Temperature Control Technology
  • 15.1-FR9: Portable Rail Suspension Displacement Monitoring System

FTA (Federal Transit Administration)

  • 15.1-FT1: Innovative Transit Technology Devices, Applications, or Solutions Focused on Safety, Mobility, or Energy and Sustainability

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

  • 15.1-NH1: Improving the Ventilation of Motorcycle Helmets

Complete solicitation information is available on the DOT's SBIR web site at and on FedBizOpps at

Major Change to NIH SBIR/STTR Dates (Retroactive to Dec 5, 2014) (12/18/14) -

The NIH has just announced a major change to its SBIR/STTR proposal date cycle. In this case a "cycle" is synonymous with a proposal receipt date. With that in mind, here's what's happening:

The NIH is extending their current PHS 2014-02 Omnibus Solicitation (PA-14-071) from 3 cycles to 4. That means the "non-aids" topics (whose 3rd cycle ended Dec 5, 2014) now has an additional 4th cycle with a receipt date of April 5, 2015. Likewise, the aids topics (whose 3rd cycle ends Jan 7, 2015) has a 4th cycle receipt date of May 7, 2015. This includes CDC, FDA and ACF. The current PHS 2014-02 Omnibus Solicitation will expire on May 8, 2015 so there will be no August receipt date.

Here's the reason for the change. NIH, who historically released their omnibus SBIR/STTR solicitation in January, is changing the release date to June 2015. From that point forward they return to the 3 cycle solicitation with the new receipt dates for both aids and non-aids being September 5, 2015, January 5, 2016 and April 5, 2016.

So if you missed the Dec 5 receipt date, and/or if you want to make additional proposals to NIH, you are good through April 5, 2015 (non-aids) and May 7, 2015 (for aids related). Continue to follow the guidance in the original solicitation with the exception of the new receipt dates.

NIH runs a robust but complicated SBIR program. So get the information straight from the source at:

DoD Issues SBIR 2015.1 and STTR 15.A Prerelease (12/11/14) - The DoD has issued a prerelease of their FY2015.1 SBIR solicitation with offerings from the Air Force (158 topics), Army (86 topics), Navy (80 topics), DARPA (6 topics), DHP (16 topics) and SOCOM (7 topics). Concurrently the DoD issued their prerelease of the 15.A STTR with topics from Air Force (30), Army (18), and Navy (23).

The solicitations open and proposals will be accepted starting January 15, 2015 and closes February 4, 2015. at 6:00am EST. .

Between December 12, 2014 and January 14, 2015 you may talk directly with the Topic Authors to ask technical questions about the topics. Their contact information is listed in each topic description page. For reasons of competitive fairness, direct communication between proposers and topic authors is not allowed starting January 15, 2015, when DoD begins accepting proposals for these two solicitations.

NOTE: In DoD terms this is actually a pre-release. During this period until the solicitation opens on January 15, 2015, topics may be added, modified or withdrawn. Changes are often made to topics, especially during the first week of a pre-release, so make sure to monitor the DoD for updates/changes! You can sign up with the SBIR Gateway to be alerted when changes are made to the DoD solicitation.

Do you want the Zyn SBIR Gateway to notify you when changes to the DoD FY-2015.1 SBIR and FY-2015.A STTR are made? If so, please enter your email address below and you will receive an email notification.

Please notify me if changes are made to the DoD 15.1 SBIR & 15.A solicitations.
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Email addresses will remain private and will not be shared.

The DoD SBIR solicitation can be downloaded from their site at
and the STTR at

DHS Issues FY-15.1 SBIR (12/3/14) - The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued their FY-2015.1 Phase I SBIR solicitation which will open to receive proposals on December 18, 2014 and close January 21, 2015, 2:00 p.m. ET.

This year the soliciation includes topics from both of the DHS SBIR entities, 1) The Science and Technology Directorate (S&T); and 2) The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO).

The solicitation contains 9 technical topics. Similar to the DoD's SBIR pre-solicitation policy, during this pre-solicitation period (December 3, 2014 - December 17, 2014) you can communicate directly with the topic technical point of contact (TPOC).

The DHS topics are:

  • DNA and Latent Fingerprint Collection from Same Sample;
  • Low-cost, Disposable, Tamper-Proof Bolt Seal;
  • Enhanced Distributed Denial of Service Defense;
  • Privacy Protecting Analytics for the Internet of Things;
  • A Wearable Communications Hub Designed to Streamline and Improve First Responder Communication Capabilities;
  • Total Vehicle Mobile X-Ray Scanner;
  • Canine Mounted Track and Transmit Device
  • Mass/Shielding Anomaly Passive Detector Module; and
  • Stable Semiconductor Modules as Core Component in Pager Radiation Detectors

The DHS solicitation is contracts based and utilizes DHS's own proposal submission web site located at You must register your company to use this system, so don't wait till the last moment to submit register and submit your proposal.

DHS provides a Portal Registration and Submissions Training Guide which can be found at under “Reference Materials.” The Guide provides step-by-step instructions for company registration and proposal submission.

The official announcement can be found on FedBizOpps at:

Dept. of Education FY-2015 SBIR (12/1/14) - The Department of Education's (ED) has issued two SBIR solicitations opening December 1, 2014 and closing January 15, 2015.

The two solicitations share the same topics, but one is their regular phase I SBIR solicitation while the other is a Fast Track SBIR (combined phase 1 and II). The topics are:

1. Education Technology Products Used by Students or Teachers (or other Instructional Personnel) in Authentic Education Settings; or

2. Education Technology Products Used by Infants, Toddlers, or Students With or At Risk for Disabilities, or Teachers (or other Instructional Personnel, Related Services Providers, or Family Members) in Early Intervention or Special Education Settings.
The offical announcements are on FedBizOpps at: Regular: Fast Track:

NASA Opens FY-2015 SBIR/STTR (11/16/14) - NASA has released its FY-2015 SBIR/STTR solicitations on November 14, 2014 with a closing date of January 28, 2015. NASA's updated program consists of 3 program areas under 2 separate solicitations. They are:
1. SBIR Select - For a small group of select topics that are of particular interest to NASA (In FY-2014 companies were limited to 3 proposals)

2. SBIR/STTR - This is NASA's conventional solicitation that incorporates both SBIR and STTR topics. Although this is one solicitation, the topics and some rules are separate for each program. Under the Full NASA SBIR/STTR solicitation, companies are limited to 10 proposals in the aggregate with limits to award no more than 5 SBIR contracts and 2 STTR contracts to any offeror.

NOTE: At the time of this writing (Nov 16) there is no NASA SBIR "official" listing on the FedBizOpps web site ( However, NASA has made the opening announcement and the solicitations available on their web site at
DOE Releases FY-2015 (R2) SBIR/STTR Topics (11/01/14) - The Department of Energy (DOE) has released the topics for their upcoming FY-2015 (R2) SBIR/STTR Solicitation scheduled to be released November 24, 2014, and close February 03, 2015. A letter of intent is due by December 15, 2014. This is a great time to prepare yourself for a response to the topic needs of the DOE, as well as look at the technology transfer opportunities they will be presenting.

This is NOT like the DoD's pre-solicitation period because DOE is only releasing the topics, not the overall rules and requirements for proposal submission. Topics may change prior to the official opening of the solicitation. The DOE offers their topics to be your choice of SBIR or STTR.

Complete details the DOE SBIR/STTR topics are available at

NASA FY-2015 SBIR/STTR Prerelease Announcement (10/31/14) - NASA has announced that it will be releasing its FY-2015 SBIR/STTR solicitations on or about November 14, 2014 with a closing date of January 28, 2015. NASA's updated program consists of 3 entities under 2 separate solicitations. They are:
1. SBIR Select - For a small group of select topics that are of particular interest to NASA (In FY-2014 companies were limited to 3 proposals)

2. SBIR/STTR - This is NASA's conventional solicitation that incorporates both SBIR and STTR topics. Although this is one solicitation, the topics and some rules are separate for each program. (In FY-2014 companies were limited to 10 proposals to either program)

It is expected that the rules will be similar for FY-2015. The NASA address is and the presolicitation announcement is on FedBizOpps at
DOC/NOAA Opens FY-2015 SBIR (10/15/14) - The U. S. Department of Commerce (DOC), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released their FY-2015 SBIR Solicitation which opens October 15, 2014 and closes January 14, 2015.

The topics and subtopics for this solicitation are:

8.1 Resilient Coastal Communities and Economies

  • 8.1.1F SUBTOPIC: Improving Seed Production for Marine Shellfish Aquaculture in the United States
  • 8.1.2N SUBTOPIC: Low-Cost on the Beach Brevetoxin Field Analysis Kit

8.2 TOPIC: Healthy Oceans

  • 8.2.1F SUBTOPIC: Affordable Robust Nonlinear Towed Hydrophone Arrays
  • 8.2.2R SUBTOPIC: New Observing Platform for Monitoring Fish Larval Trajectories

8.3 TOPIC: Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

  • 8.3.1C SUBTOPIC: Probability Forecasts of Business Impact Variables from CFS2 Ensembles
  • 8.3.2D SUBTOPIC: Coastal Zone Wide-Swath Airborne Topography, Surface Current and Debris Mapper

8.4 TOPIC: Weather-Ready Nation

  • 8.4.2R SUBTOPIC: Ultrasonic Anemometers/Thermometers with Increased Spatial Resolution
  • 8.4.3D SUBTOPIC: Accurate Nightlight for Satellite Calibration for Weather and Climate Applications

8.5 TOPIC: Stakeholder Engagement

  • 8.5.1X SUBTOPIC: Innovative Public Communication Technologies And Decision Support Tools

8.6 TOPIC: Data and Observations

  • 8.6.1X SUBTOPIC: Sensors for Environmental Observations and Measurements

* NOAA Topics will be included in our omnibus search soon.

NOAA's solicitation is contracts based and they only accepts proposals in hard copy format (no electronic submission). This means you must take measures to insure your submission is delivered and accepted by the NOAA Eastern Region Acquisition Division no later than 4:00 p.m. (Central Time) on January 14, 2015. Don't let the term "Eastern Region Acquisition Division" fool you because it is actually located in Kansas City, MO!

The NOAA solicitation and all forms are available on FedBizOpps at:

HHS/NIH/CDC PHS 2015-1 SBIR Contracts Solicitation (8/15/14) -
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued their 2015-1 SBIR Contracts Solicitation which opens to receive proposals on August 15, 2014 and closes November 5, 2014.

This NIH/CDC SBIR contracts solicitation is a separate and independent offering from NIH and is not connected to their 2014-2 Omnibus SBIR/STTR Grants solicitation that is open for most of the calendar year (with 3 separate receipt dates).

There are important differences between the NIH/CDC SBIR Contracts solicitation and the NIH's year long omnibus Grants solicitation. The contracts solicitation is much smaller, the topics are different and are much more focused, and are for SBIR only. In the NIH SBIR Contracts solicitation, proposals are only accepted if they respond specifically to a research topic, and there is only 1 receipt date.

Also the NIH contracts solicitation has a different set of rules and does not use for submission or guidance. In fact, proposal submission must be done via hard copy, so allow ample time for proposal delivery.

New this year is the availability of a Direct to Phase II option (bypasses Phase I) which is only available for selected topics. NIH continues its Fast Track Initiative (combined Phase I & II) for selected topics.

Although the solicitation is available through FedBizOpps at we suggest going to the NIH site at where you can get additional information and download the solicitation in either Word or PDF formats.

USDA Opens FY-2015 SBIR (6/25/14) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) via their National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has opened its FY-2015 SBIR solicitation (funding No. USDA-NIFA-SBIR-004553), that opened on June 20, 2014, and modified on June 25, 2014, with a closing date of October 2, 2014. This FY-2015 solicitation is very similar to last year.

The USDA SBIR program is grants based and utilizes for the submission process.

The USDA's two program priority areas are: 1) Agriculturally-related Manufacturing Technology; 2) Energy Efficiency and Alternative and Renewable Energy.

The NIFA Societal Challenge Areas are: 1) Global Food Security and Hunger; 2) Climate Change; 3) Sustainable Bioenergy; 4) Childhood Obesity; and 5) Food Safety. Special consideration will be given to applications that address one of these priorities under the Project Narrative, item (2) under subsection 3.3.3.-Field 8, Responsiveness to USDA SBIR Program Priorities and Societal Challenge Areas.

USDA Topics Areas Are:

  • 8.1-Forests and Related Resources
  • 8.2-Plant Production and Protection - Biology
  • 8.3-Animal Production and Protection
  • 8.4-Air, Water and Soils
  • 8.5-Food Science and Nutrition
  • 8.6-Rural and Community Development
  • 8.7-Aquaculture
  • 8.8- Biofuels and Biobased Products
  • 8.12-Small and Mid-Size Farms
  • 8.13-Plant Production and Protection - Engineering

The USDA solicitation provides guidance to the relationship of Societal Challenge Areas to the actual Technical Topics.

The solicitation is available from the USDA SBIR web site at

The funding announcement and provisions for proposal submissions are on

Please address any comments to:

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