FLC Far West Bulletin, Spring 2005

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Far West Explores Collaboration with Federal Network for Sustainability (FNS)
From the Regional Coordinator’s Desk - Kurt Buehler
FLC Far West Regional Coordinator
DOE Update: INEEL Becomes INL
Idaho National Laboratory to Lead Nuclear Renaissance
ARS Announces Technology Transfer Winners
Space Foundation Certifies Eagle Shield as a Space Technology Improving Life in Earthly Homes
SBA Issues New Final Rule on SBIR Eligibility
GM Joins with Sandia to Advance Hydrogen Storage Partnership to Focus on Solid-State Storage
PNNLís Plasma Technology Offers Breathable Air in Biological and Chemical Threat Situations
Spotlight on LLNL Technologies Available for Licensing
New DoD TechMatch Web Site
CCAT Solicitation for Innovative Technologies Now Open
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